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Oracles Touch is established to bring enlightenment through unconditional love. The goal is to teach you to love yourself unconditionally, which will unlock your true nature, your highest potential, and the highest version of you. Remembering you have been created as a powerful energy of The Most High and in his likeness, will allow you to love yourself unconditionally and limitlessly. You Are Limitless.


Shaman Rah


Through unconditional love, spiritual awareness, and self-mastery, Shaman Rah helps truth-seekers to find their internal knowledge and enlightenment. This is the foundation of Oracles Touch, LLC. Since 2002, Shaman Rah has worked with thousands of clients, empowering them to master themselves, through self-love and awareness. In the process of self-discovery he has developed a program where people are taught how to accept and express the beautiful, unique, and specific truths about themselves that allows them to experience their highest potential and best version of themselves. Shaman Rah believes that as we find internal Peace, it will shift our external environment because as he always teaches, ”What is on the inside is on the outside.”


He teaches the art of quieting the mind through meditation as the first step to self-mastery. When the mind is quiet, one can listen to divine guidance, allow the doors of infinite love, light, and wisdom to pour Divine truth into us enabling us to live in our most natural expression. Shaman Rah’s years as a practitioner have shown that when one can express their truth unapologetically with grace, it allows us to align with our power and continue on our path to self-mastery. 


Shaman Rah uses several modalities such as: Meditation, Sound Therapy, Shamanic Journeying, Energy Clearing, Entity Release, and Prayer. 



• Doctorate of Divinity in Spiritual Healing Arts

• Ordained Minister

• National Guild of Hypnotists - Certified Consulting Hypnotist

• The American Board of Hypnotherapy - Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

• The American Board of NLP - Certified Practitioner of NLP

• Certified Practitioner of TimeLine Therapy

• Reiki Master

• Meditation Instructor

• Drum Circle Facilitator

• Sound Healing Therapy

• Certified Life Coach

• Certified Medium

• Certified Spiritual Counselor

• Second Generation Shaman Initiated by Spirit

• Initiated in Peru

• 5th-degree Initiate Delphi University

Asia Green


Asia green is a spiritual interpreter and Energy Healer who works with tarot, oracle, and intuitive divination to help people channel messages from their spirit guides for their highest good. She has solid metaphysical knowledge in spell work and chakra balancing alignment. She also offers spiritual advice and healing through guided meditation.

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