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Seeing Beyond the Illusion (Opening the 3rd Eye)


If you have ever wondered why you cannot manifest the life of your desire or you feel trapped in the matrix of a reality that seems to be controlling you. You're not creating time freedom or financial freedom being tossed from paradigm to paradigm feeling like a slave of the third dimension. Reclaim your power now by learning to see beyond the illusion and create the reality consistently that you choose. In this master class you will learn some of the key components of the seven hermetic principles, mentalism and mental gender. With a full understanding of these two principles you'll be well on your way to self-mastery. What is the matrix of the mind and how we are consciously creating/manifesting every second of the day. You'll begin to learn your thought process, fully understanding what and how you are creating the reality that you live in currently. By receiving a full understanding of your mind and the inner workings of the masculine and feminine energy. Be prepared to receive the keys to see beyond the illusion of the matrix that we currently live in. Be ready to receive the power to transmute any and all things. In this class you learn to develop intuitive skills that devirive directly from the seven hermetic principles receiving occult learning on how the third eye chakra actually works and it's true function.

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