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30 Days To Change

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This program is designed to make major changes in your life in 30 days by use of meditation, education and a system called C.E.O. This system is called C.E.O. because a CEO's responsiblitity is to direct an organization to thrive and be at its highest value. That is exactly what you should want for your life, so this program teaches you to become the CEO the chief executive officer of yourself. C.E.O. means: Choice Experience Opportunity Everyday you have these three concepts working for or against you. This course teaches you to use these concepts to work for and your highest good. Each day you have a choice that provides you an experience and with that experience you have an opportunity to enhance it or change it, whether the opportunity be serving or non-serving. Here you will learn to use these concepts to help you. Along with this incredible system you will learn Divine Expressions which are godly qualities and when implemented into your daily life you become a higher vibrational person. As you become this higher vibrational person you'll begin to make choices that will you do experiences that make you feel more fulfilled, whole, balanced and in harmony creating peace in your life. Meditation will be used daily to help you implement and practice these Divine Expressions in your daily life. Creating major change in your life so that you can experience peace and bliss. Included BONUS, a Powerful Guided Meditation for Manifestation. Check out Day 30.

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