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Healing Service packages 2022 – 2023


Did you know that our realities are created from our thoughts? Thoughts create actions, actions create habits, habits create paradigms and paradigms create realities. The number one way to change your reality is to change your thoughts. How many times have you looked at your reality and wanted change? How many times have you made a change only to go back to the way you were in the past?  How do you create permanent change to your thoughts and recreate a new reality?


These programs have been put together to help you set yourself free from old self and old traumas you may be holding onto or realities you are living in that have held you back for years . . . possibly lifetimes. After a discovery call with one of our staff, we suggest a program for you to help you achieve your goals. Or choose a self-guided program on your own. Begin your journey today to start a new life - one that is fearless, focused, and practiced frequently to create your freedom and new reality.


Key Takeaways:


●Learn how to evaluate your current reality and current thoughts

●Understand how certain thoughts are holding you back

●Change the paradigm on running  something to running  something

●Learn how to reprogram your thoughts to transform your behavior and thus transform your reality

●Reinforce those changes into daily habits



What does it mean to reprogram new realities from our thoughts? 


As we grow and mature, especially as children, we learn from our environments and the people that we value what is truth and what is reality. Those truths become law and are integrated into our thoughts. Our thoughts control our reality. In other words, what we believe to be true or people that we value become and shape our reality. 


As we age, sometimes, these realities are no longer serving us in the same way. We want growth or change in a different direction. That requires us to disrupt those old truths to create a new reality. The decision to do something different is the catalyst that begins the process of change. But oftentimes, we are running away from something rather than running towards a new thought process or a new goal . . . running away from something has a shelf life and you will run out of steam. So we have to tap into our internal truth in order to create an infinite source of energy in which to create new realities. 


Your internal truth will always be the truth.  

Package 1- $1914 value                       

8 week

$1499 (1 time payment) 

$1555 (payment plan) Purchase for 4 payments for $388.75 payment each


Package 2 – $1084 value

6 week

$880 (1 time payment)

$920 (payment plan) Purchase for 3 payments for $306.00 payment each


Package 3 – $679 value​

4 week

$600 (1 time payment)

$650 (payment plan) Purchase for 2 payments for $325.00 payment each


Package Descriptions

Master Energy Reset – In a 90 min session, experience a full reset on the following areas: subconscious mind reprogramming, timeline therapy, polarity therapy, Chakras cleared and balanced, attunement to your specific name of God, all dark energies removed, sound therapy to raise your vibration, and receive two deep meditations to maintain a high vibrational state.


Energy Clearing  – The Ultimate energy alignment. This is achieved through chakra balancing, sound therapy, aromatherapy and Reiki energy healing to clear you from any energy that is not serving you. These clearings bring unity and oneness to the mind, body and spirit. You will be able to access self-healing and the power of Universal Life Force Energy as you draw this power through Shaman Rah. You will feel the intense unconditional love of God as you heal yourself during this powerful session as the Reiki Energy flows perfectly through your body.


Hypnosis - Hypnosis allows you to reprogram the un- or subconscious mind by going into a trance state. It bypasses critical thought and allows the mind to be reprogrammed to give you the desired result of your thoughts.


Guided Meditation

These 1-hour Guided Meditations are available for you to attend in person or on zoom. 


You will experience a healing Sound Bath and Guided Meditation, with the angelic tones of crystal, metal and alchemic bowls, along with soothing sounds of drumming, gongs and chimes, while being guided with powerful, loving, soul moving prayers deep into yourself by the voice of Shaman Rah. This meditation will be transformative for the cells of your body as you feel the loving energy in the music being played and the words being spoken.


Basic to advanced techniques will be used to allow you to achieve your deepest state of meditation.


Virtual Master Class or Individual Oracles Class

Master class is a 4-video class with presentations on a series of classes that allow you to understand more about the Chakras, self-awareness, self-mastery, Spiritual development and the power of your thoughts and mind. These classes are developed to give you a working art of self-mastery by 

●learning how to work efficiently with your energy systems

●expand your self-awareness, spiritual abilities, and eliminate shadows

●exercise universal laws and manifest all of your desires


You will receive a PowerPoint presentation on the subject that will be discussed as well as a video of the class. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at any time.

Healing Packages


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