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Oracles Touch is a Spiritual Learning Center, established to bring enlightenment through meditation, spiritual classes, energy alignments, and unconditional love.


The goal is to unlock your true nature and the highest version of yourself. First through learning to focus your thoughts on loving yourself unconditionally. Second through allowing you to experience Peace and Harmony, creating functionality in all aspects of your life.

"Remembering your truth will allow you to know who you are." 

                                 -Shaman Rah

"One thought from peace"

                         -Shaman Rah

 What is your purpose? To experience peace, live your truth, and allow your divine nature to express its highest level of functionality in everything you do. This is your true nature. Allow Oracles Touch to help you find the most righteous way to do this through sound and mediation. Become an example and change the vibrations around you by changing yourself. Your inner self will reflect outward to the world, and that reflection will shift the collective, one step at a time.


How do you express the highest version of yourself? Enjoy the human experience to the fullest, love life and allow it to love you back, embrace every experience and live life while treating all others with kindness and grace. Your expression of excitement in everything you do is the perfect example for everyone around you to see and experience your highest version. The more you vibrate in this space, the more your inner world becomes your outer world. All of us are spiritual healers and leaders by expressing and living the best and highest version of ourselves, this is Peace!


There are many modalities available to help you attain self-mastery and peace. Oracles Touch can assist you through meditation, prayer, chakra balancing, shamanic journeying, energy healing, hypnosis, coaching, past life regression, sound healing, and educational classes that teach self-awareness. Oracles Touch is here to help you to achieve your highest level of consciousness through self-love and awareness, changing one thought at a time to achieve mastery of self for ascension. 

My Experiences

I have been a practicing Shaman for 11 years, called by spirit to help people along their life and spiritual journeys. I teach  people how to love themselves and help them remember that love is the most powerful tool; that when used properly, it can awaken you to your true positive self. 

Leading guided meditations for over nine years, allowed me to help people find their way to peace and balance; meditation is the key to mastery. Having performed countless spiritual clearings over the last eleven years, I've seen and experienced many things, some beautiful and some not. Each experience has given me an incredible amount of wisdom;  showing me that when we as practitioners open our hearts to help others, we are helping our self. With this I truly understood the concepts of giving and receiving, as well as the powerful energy of love and how it transforms everything it comes in contact with. 

As a life coach, I help clients/initiates adapt to forever changing and expanding levels of consciousness within themselves and the community around us. Teaching you to think limitless allows you to begin to change your life one thought at a time. Mentalism and meditation are the keys to facilitating the process. Below is a list of my accomplishments:

-       Doctorate of Divinity in Spiritual Healing

-       Certified Consulting Hypnotist (National Guild of Hypnosis)

-       Certified Practitioner of Timeline Therapy

-       Certified NLP Practitioner

-       Certified NLP Coach

-       Certified Life Coach

-       Creator of Polarity Therapy

-       Reiki Master

-       Meditation Instructor

-       Ordained Minister

-       2nd Generation Shaman Initiated by Spirit

-       Initiated in Peru

-       Teaching and mentoring 100’s students

-       Over 160 recorded guided meditations

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