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This membership gives you special access to a collection of various Oracles Classes that will provide you with clarity and understanding about spirituality and your path of spiritual awakening. The membership is broken up into four parts and can be completed at your own pace. I have specifically chosen each video to help you better understand yourself and where you are during this awakening process. Understanding these different topics is crucial to staying on the right path for Ascension. You will get over 30 hrs of video content, written presentations with each video and access to over 70 guided meditations. All spiritual awakenings begin with an in-depth evaluation of self, leading to self-mastery and activation of your spiritual gifts. Below is a brief description of the contents of the exclusive membership: - Part 1 is Self-Mastery; it is packed with 16 videos and over 20 hrs of content. - Part 2 teaches you how to find and understand your spiritual path using different awareness modalities. - Part 3 helps you to understand how to clear and shift your energy to a higher vibrational state. - Part 4 is going deeper into understanding and unlocking your spiritual gifts. Also, each month you will get new video content on various spiritual topics and access to the exclusive membership group chat where you can have open conversations and dialogue about the material covered in the exclusive membership and request specific topics for me to elaborate on.

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2 Plans Available, From $44.00/month

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Exclusive Membership

Exclusive Membership

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