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Master Class Healing the Inner Child (1 hr class)


🌟 Unlock the path to inner healing with Shaman Rah’s transformative one hour master class with a timeline therapy session to remove negative emotions! 🌟 Embark on a journey of self-discovery and profound healing. The concept of the inner child refers to the idea that within each adult, there exists a psychological representation of their childhood self. This inner child embodies the emotions, memories, beliefs, and experiences from early stages of life. It's often associated with feelings of vulnerability, innocence, spontaneity, and creativity. In this one hour master class you will learn: - How the inner child gets its wounds - Recognize the wounded child within - Steps to heal the wound a child Don’t let past wounds hold you back – embrace healing, growth, and empowerment with Shaman Rah’s unparalleled coaching program today! ✨

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4 Plans Available
From $258.00/month + $392.00 Down Payment


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