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Divine Expressions


This is a Game Changer!!! This Master Class is to help you express and learn the God qualities enabling you to experience a peaceful life, to unlock your true potential by activating the innate in you. Learning to express these qualities will help nurture, heal and awaken your soul. The more you express the qualities the more God like you become The more you put the divine expressions into practice the more you will change your life. So let’s started enhancing your character, consciousness and life. First of all love is the most important expression because it makes everything flow freely into a natural order. You can expect to learn 12 Divine expression that will be taught in a unique way. I believe in active and experiential learning. The class will have the following o definition of the divine expression that we will be covering next o next you will be taught a technique called KAV to help allow your brain to make this expression a reality. Expect the following: o begin to make each divine expression a part of your life which o will begin to change your mindse o as your mindset begins to change your thoughts, your thoughts will become positive, then you begin to change your actions which are positive which then creates a positive realty.

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