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Oracles Touch teaches unique practices to help enlighten and assist you in recognizing your full potential, using many spiritual modalities. By incorporating these practices into your daily life you can attain peace and harmony experiencing an overall enriched quality of life.

This bundle pack will allow you to completely aligned and balance your chakras. If you are experiencing blocks in your life and seem to not be able to move forward, in your career, relationships or/and creating financial abundance then you have some blockages that need to be removed. This bundle of meditations will remove those blocks allowing you to experience the abundance you are looking for at the same time find your true authentic self to create a level of self love that any foundation can be built on. Balancing the chakras are the first step to moving forward out of any adverse situation and transforming into the powerful energetic, charismatic and productive person you want to be. Become unblocked and began to experience limitlessness.

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