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What is Meditation

•Altering your state of consciousness

•It is an intense dwelling in thought

•It is listening to Gods answers to your prayers

•It is the road map to divinity

•It is the ability to tap into the infinite source of the universe and its knowledge

•It’s the ability to go back or forward in time

•Seeking of truth

•When should I do it


•At least make it a part of your weekly routine

•The more you practice the better you get and the deeper you go

•You probly do it more than you know

•Where can it be done


•Where can it be done

•In a controlled environment or uncontrolled environment

•Why should I do it

•Because it puts you in touch with your spiritual self our Godself

•The Power of Meditation

•It is the essence and soul of prayer

•A prayer without meditation is like a body without a soul

•It is our direct line and link to truth

•Allows you to grow more into the likeness of what you are meditating on

•Allows your thoughts to incorporate into your very being

•You become what you mediate on

•It is the secrete to all growth on the spiritual plane (Above is Below)

•Holds secretes to life, knowledge, wisdom and truth

•Brings profound peace

•Benefits and Affects of Meditation

Connection to spirit

Altered state of consciousness

Regulates emotions

Balances the 4 bodies (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual)

Inner Peace

Lower blood pressure

Regulates insulin

Remove blocks

Connection to infinite knowledge and wisdom




Self awareness

Allows you to accomplish with grace

Enables you to surrender

Removes self-created illusions


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