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Meditation, Meditation App & Meditation Coaching

Interested to know how meditation can assist you in your life journey to becoming the version of yourself?  You’ve come to the right place… Meditation cultivates a range of mental, emotional, and physical benefits. The specific effects can vary depending on the type of meditation practiced and individual factors, but here are some of many common outcomes include:

  • Mindfulness: practice of being fully present & aware of the current moment that can lead to a deeper connection with one’s thoughts, emotions & surroundings.

  • Stress Reduction: Regular meditation has been shown to activate the body's relaxation response, leading to reduced levels of stress hormones like cortisol. This can result in lower overall stress levels and an improved sense of well-being

  • Emotional Regulation: Meditation helps individuals develop a non-reactive awareness of their emotions. This can lead to improved emotional regulation, helping individuals respond to emotions in a more measured and controlled manner.

  • Improved Immune Function through stress reduction & the promotion of overall wellbeing. 

  • Creative Insights: Meditation provides a mental space that can lead to creative insights & problem-solving. 

Meditation benefits vary between person to person depending on where a person is on their journey, it may require constant & daily meditations to receive some of the many benefits of meditations for some.

Join me tomorrow for the first meditation of 2024 as I facilitate an extraordinary deep insightful guided meditation & sound bath at 8pm. Meditation has a beautiful way of shifting and altering our consciousness.  Our sharpest tool that we have is our brain and meditation can help you expand your mind through the art of imagination.  When you break down the word imagination, you're literally imagining your nation. We must begin to look inward because our inner world is a reflection of how our outer world appears.  The universe is mental, and everything first happens in the mental plane before manifesting in the physical.  To join tomorrow click the link below to reserve your spot immediately.  Limited space available in person & unlimited space via zoom.

Meditation App available

Also join Oracles Touch Meditation App with over 70+ meditations to assist you on your journey.  Download the QR code to have access to unlimited meditations.

If your looking to expand beyond I do offer coaching programs:

Coaching Program: Mastering Mindfulness & Meditation  

Unlock the true potential of meditation with our comprehensive program designed to revolutionize your practice. If you've struggled with quieting your mind or finding physical comfort during meditation, this is where you need to begin. We understand the frustrations, and we're here to guide you towards a profound and transformative meditation experience.



  • 5 Sessions Total: Structured to provide a holistic understanding of meditation and its techniques.


  •  Breathing Techniques: Learn to relax both body and mind through specialized breathing exercises.

  • Mind Quieting Exercises: Discover methods to calm your thoughts and achieve a state of mental stillness.

  • Attaining Altered States of Consciousness: Master techniques to access deeper states of awareness and insight.

  • Harnessing Sound and Rhythm: Understand the power of sound in enhancing your meditation practice.

Additional Benefits:

  • 1 Spiritual Cleanse: Experience a complete Chakra Clearing, Alignment, Aura Repair, Sound Therapy, and Reiki session to rejuvenate your energy.

  • 4 Group Guided Meditation & Sound Bath Sessions: Immerse yourself in a collective meditative experience, guided by our expert facilitators.

  • 6-Month Access to the Meditation App: Access a wealth of resources, including guided meditations and exclusive content, to support your practice.

  • 2 oz Meditation Spray: Enhance your meditation space with our specially crafted spray designed to promote a serene and focused environment.

With over a decade of experience, we've refined techniques that will elevate your meditation experience to new heights. This program is your gateway to unlocking the full benefits of meditation.


Embark on this transformative journey today. Invest in your inner peace and well-being. Our inner world reflects our outer world.


Limited spots available. Book now to secure your place:

To see all other coaching programs that I offer click the link below:

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