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Master Energy Reset

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 400 US dollars
  • Allen Road Southwest

Service Description

Service Offer: Total Mind and Energy Reset with Shaman Rah Immerse yourself in a 90-minute session of profound transformation, led by Shaman Rah. This comprehensive experience combines a range of techniques, including subconscious mind reprogramming, timeline therapy, polarity therapy, Chakra balancing, personalized attunement, energy clearing, sound therapy, and guided meditations. It's a powerful blend of hypnosis and Spiritual energy work that promises to elevate your state of being. What's Included: Subconscious Reprogramming: Unwind and reset the deep-seated patterns within your subconscious, opening the door to positive change. Timeline Therapy: Navigate through your life's timeline, addressing past events to heal and empower your present self. Polarity Therapy: Balance and harmonize your body's energetic fields, promoting a state of equilibrium and well-being. Chakra Clearing and Balancing: Attune your energy centers for optimal flow and vitality, promoting a sense of inner harmony. Personalized Name of God Attunement: Align with your unique spiritual resonance, fostering a deeper connection to your higher self. Dark Energy Removal: Release any lingering negative energies, creating space for light and positivity to flourish. Sound Therapy: Elevate your vibration through the soothing resonance of healing sounds, further enhancing your energetic alignment. Deep Meditations: Receive two guided meditations to help you maintain a heightened vibrational state, promoting ongoing well-being. Benefits: Holistic Transformation: Addressing mind, body, and spirit for a complete reset and realignment mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Empowered Self: Step into a renewed sense of self, free from past limitations and ready to embrace new possibilities. Elevated Vibrations: Experience a higher state of consciousness and overall well-being. Investment in Your Well-being: Duration: 90 minutes Book Your Total Mind and Energy Reset: To embark on this profound journey of self-transformation and healing. Awaken to a new level of being. Experience the extraordinary benefits of Total Mind and Energy Reset with Shaman Rah today!

Cancellation Policy

All sales are final and Non-Refundable. However all sales are transferable up to equal value and can be rescheduled. To transfer or reschedule your appointment please email

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