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Discover what people are saying about me, my services, and the overall business experience through reading, watching, and listening to testimonials.


Shaman Rah is a Teacher, Life Coach, & Spiritual Guide


Working with Shaman Rah has elevated my life mentally and spiritually.  I was referred to him by a dear friend to explore his clearing services. The clearing was for me to overcome personal barriers that were preventing me from reaching my greatest potential personally and professionally.  My expectations were met and exceeded.  The clearing allowed me to tap into myself and focus.  It also allowed me to go deeper and learn more about me than what was on the surface.  This was just the beginning.


I begin regularly attending meditations supporting my path to ascension and great spiritual growth. I expressed my desire to align myself with my gifts and to use them in my own professional practice to help others.  Shaman Rah provided the tools in a straightforward easy-to-follow methodology.  His simplistic approach was very powerful in the way it gave me long-lasting confidence to continue on my path.


There are many people who have a calling…there are many who are seeking to channel their passion…Shaman Rah is a person who has been obedient to his calling and executes it with passion to serve others.  I am thankful to learn from him and grateful for his guidance on my spiritual journey. I look with excitement to continue to grow and learn under his tutelage.


ShaNay Norvell

Fitness Professional & Light Worker


In writing an endorsement/testimonial for Derek Taylor, Shaman Rah, goes beyond the scope of just a spiritual leader.  I have had a longstanding relationship with Derek for years (I’ve known him longer than I have my wife of eight (8) years); therefore, I feel very comfortable in saying that my trust & belief in him has been “tried & true”.  Since I have been under his spiritual tutelage, I have grown and prospered in my personal awareness and growth.  Shaman Rah is committed service of others, and only desires to see each new soul he encounters to become the BEST SELF HE/SHE CAN BE.  His approach is selfless; he cares/desires to see others excel and prosper (and not just financially).  I trust & believe in Shaman Rah, and would wholeheartedly endorse his life’s calling with Oracles Touch.  


Derek is truly a gifted, humble, and warm soul who is serving to help all of us lift our consciousness, to love ourselves, love others, and live out our divine destiny. I met Derek by attending an in-person meditation session. I was in a place of seeking more connection to source, healing from the loss of my mother, and stepping into my divine purpose. Attending his meditation was life-changing. I had never experienced such a deep connection to the universe and higher self. I was able to tap into elements of my soul that I didn’t know existed and his sessions have helped me to continue to develop into my purpose as a healer and teacher. I have been attending his meditation sessions frequently since that day on and have found the virtual sessions to be just as powerful. I also find his workshops/educational sessions to be very informative and enlightening and appreciate that he takes the time to share his life experiences, history and context. I always leave empowered and excited to apply what I learn. In addition, I hired Derek do perform a clearing/blessing for my home. I had recently purchased the home and the energy wasn’t quite right, I often felt my energy was low in certain parts of the house, my plants were dying and I wasn’t sleeping well. After the clearing session, my home felt and still feels full of positive energy, I sleep well and very interestingly all the plants in my home are much more vibrant and thriving!


I am so excited to have the opportunity to write about and share my experience/testimony in regard to Derek changing my life.

I have known Derek for several years and continue to see him on a monthly basis as well as participate in his classes and mediations.

I met Derek in 2015 when I was signing up for a membership at his gym. I had set up an appointment for a tour of the gym and that’s the first day my life started unfolding into this beautiful being with the guidance and teachings from Derek.

This initial meeting led to great conversation and a wonderful journey for myself and my children in becoming more enlightened and healed from all types of toxins we experience in our lives physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

I started going to meditations which opened my mind to an entirely different world. I was able to see my life change by the energy and power Derek has as a healer. 

During that time in my life, I had over 25 surgeries. I was getting ready to have another major procedure. I went to Derek to do a healing over my body and that particular area and as of today I have no problems or issues with it. 

I consider Derek my healer, spiritual teacher, and friend. He has such passion and compassion for everyone. He’s truly amazing and phenomenal.

Derek has been able to heal my mind, body, and soul. I have learned and grown so much as an individual especially spiritually. My children have benefited from Derek as well. 

Also, his classes are wonderful because they bring such clarity into your life and you learn so much information to help yourself and others. Derek has so many gifts and talents and I try to utilize them all for my journey in life but also to help others as he has done for me and my family.

I continue to see Derek monthly to continue my healing and spiritual growth.

All of his services are great and he’s definitely a blessing to know.

His wisdom, teachings, and peaceful and calm nature make it a great experience no matter what you have going on in your life.

I have such love and admiration for Derek and all the services he provides and all the people he’s healed. 

Thank you so much Derek for your ability to heal and bring peace, love, and tranquility into the lives of many.

Thank you, my friend, teacher, and spiritual advisor.


Weneka James

“My first encounter with Derek was to work on getting clarity in my life, no more.”  I was on a journey of seeking my spiritual path.  Meeting Derek has helped to clear the clutter that was blocking me.  He is truly an amazing spiritual teacher. He is a great listener, motivator and is instrumental in helping you achieve your set goals.  I highly recommend Derek Taylor if you are truly looking to make a difference in your life joining on your spiritual path.” 


“My first guided meditation session with Derek Taylor changed my life forever. He helped me to unlock the healing power within myself‎ leading me to a profound path of awakening and remembering my true connection to divine source.”


“We would have never considered hypnotherapy before working with Derek Taylor. Our times with him have been relaxing and refreshing. Each session was an opportunity to reset our subconscious minds much like a mental spring cleaning. Derek helped us correct and erase bad energy; his approach put our minds and spirits on a path to positivity, balance, and peace! We love him for his work & how it has helped us to move closer to peace & love. Thank you, Derek!”


“I was going through a transitional time in my life, looking for happiness and love and there just seemed to be some things standing in my way. I consider myself a somewhat religious person, but wasn’t seeming to find the answers to move forward and decided to explore a more spiritual path. I have known Derek for almost 20 years as a personal trainer and have trusted him to guide me as I strive to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.  I knew Derek was a spiritual guide and also performed Hynotherapy, so I asked him more about it and scheduled a session with him. I had 4 sessions with Derek and he asked me to do some soul searching and answer some questions about myself before the sessions.  During the sessions, I felt very comfortable and Derek has a very kind, soothing and reassuring voice.  My sessions were based on focusing on what my goals were and positively reinforcing my strengths and a path to meet my goals.  After the sessions, I felt very relaxed, positive and energized about myself and reaching my goals. Outside of our sessions I focused on what Derek and I had discussed and the positive reinforcement about me as a person and about the goals I had for my life.


The sessions with Derek provided me a positive outlook and things starting falling into place in my life.  I have been able to realize the goals that Derek and I discussed and overcame the hurdles that stood in my way.  I would highly recommend working with Derek and am currently happier and more satisfied with my life than I have been in a long time.”


“I left Derek feeling lighter, happier, and aligned. He has a claiming energy about him. After leaving him things start to move. You leave him feeling as if you have a new beginning.”


“My experience with Derek was one of the best, most unexpected, eye opening accounts in my life. He helped me to really dig deep and get in touch with my self, my REAL self, and connect the dots to a lot of circumstances in my life to further understand myself and the actions I was taking in my life. He helped me find peace in a very tumultuous time. I consider him a true spiritual healer.”

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