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Mastering Mindfulness & Meditation Group Coaching

Needing a little extra help on your journey? If you're looking for movement from being stuck in a cycle that is not serving you, or a more balanced & fulfilling life, promoting overall well-being & personal growth this group coaching on mastering breath, mindfulness & meditation is perfect for you. If you've struggled with quieting your mind or finding physical comfort during meditation, this is where you need to begin. We understand the frustrations, and we're here to guide you towards a profound and transformative meditation experience so you can become your own resource for knowledge. Unlock the true potential of mindfulness & meditation thru breath with our comprehensive program designed to revolutionize your practice. That at the end of the day will create positive movement in your life.

Overview: 6 Sessions Total: Structured to provide a holistic understanding of meditation and its techniques. Sessions/Classes:

  • Breathing Techniques: Learn to relax both body and mind through specialized breathing exercises.

  • Mind Quieting Exercises: Discover methods to calm your thoughts and achieve a state of mental stillness.

  • Mindfulness exercises: Learning to completely present in the moment and the benefit of living mindful.

  • Attaining Altered States of Consciousness: Master techniques to access deeper states of awareness and insight.

  • Harnessing Sound and Rhythm: Understand the power of sound in enhancing your meditation practice.

  • Additional Benefits: 1 Spiritual Cleanse: Experience a complete Chakra Clearing, Alignment, Aura Repair, Sound Therapy, and Reiki session to rejuvenate your energy.

  • 4 Group Guided Meditation & Sound Bath Sessions: Immerse yourself in a collective meditative experience, guided by our expert facilitators.

  • 6-Month Access to the Meditation App: Access a wealth of resources, including guided meditations and exclusive content, to support your practice.

  • 2 oz Meditation Spray: Enhance your meditation space with our specially crafted spray designed to promote a serene and focused environment. With over a decade of experience, we've refined techniques that will elevate your meditation experience to new heights. This program is your gateway to unlocking the full benefits of meditation. Embark on this transformative journey today. Invest in your inner peace and well-being. Note: Limited spots available. Book now to secure your place.

Group coaching starts this Tuesday 2/20/24 @ 7pm, each coaching session will be 1-2hr depending on the agenda for the evening, click the link to reserve your spot

Coaching Program: Mastering Mindfulness & Meditation:

$999 (1 time payment)

$351 (3 monthly payments)

$166.50 (6 weekly payments)

Group Max 8 people 3 payment options.

Register Today and recieve a 60% Discount

This session starts Feb 20 at 7pm (est)

Option 1 with 60% discount: 6 weekly payments - $66.50

Option 2 with 60% discount: 3 monthly payments - $140.40

Option 3 with 60% discount: 1 time payment - $399.60

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